You can save the environment too!

Let’s take you back to before MastaPlasta even existed. After years of experience in the furniture and design industry we sat down one afternoon over a coffee and scratched our heads at how we could solve a very common problem. The problem of course, was how to repair a rip or tear in a leather/faux leather sofa in the easiest possible way and without having to break the bank.

We also wanted to create something that our environment would benefit from. This neat little infographic  highlights the knock on effect our product has on the planet and how MastaPlasta can work for you in a variety of different ways.



16018-MP-Infographic-smallWe’ve been helping people repair their leather since 2009 and can say (quite proudly) that we are the best selling leather repair solution today. As you can see above, we are expanding our range of sizes and colours over the summer, so look out for news on our social networks for when they arrive.Infographic-feedback

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