It wasn’t me!!

We’ve got the perfect fix for your leather!

As with most pets (especially the younger ones) they are adorable and bring us loads of fun and happiness…but sometimes the little monkeys get a little bored of their own toys and decide to give furniture a run for its money.

In a matter of minutes what you are left with is a gaping hole or tear in your nice leather seating.

Or maybe it wasn’t a puppy..maybe the cat decided to have a good old stretch and dig its claws into that nice soft leathery surface.

Either way you’re left wondering how on earth to fix it, right?

Well lucky for you there is a very quick and simple solution that awaits. Forget using duct tape or all those other complicated repair kits that require hours of your time.

With MastaPlasta you can cover those nasty holes in just a few seconds.

It really is this simple –

  1. Clean your sofa, chair or other item from any dust, dirt or grease (leave to dry if you used a liquid based cleaning agent).

  2. Remove the backing paper from the patch.

  3. Apply evenly over the damaged area and press firmly down over the entire surface to make sure it’s well stuck on.

sofa repair patches

Our patches have been designed to give sofas, arm chairs or any other leather item a new lease of life. Made from a high quality synthetic leather, they offer the same strength and durability as real leather.

We offer various sizes, some with embossed designs for added character and a range of popular colours that includes Black, Dark Brown, Navy, Grey, Dark Grey, Ivory, Green and Red (Click on any of the colours to see the patches we have).

If you want to see pictures of our customers using their patches then take a look at our gallery page here

Save yourself a lot of time, money and effort today with MastaPlasta !

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