video of how to use mastaplasta

Video Review of MastaPlasta Leather Repair Kit

Last year we were very pleased to see that a chap from the USA kindly put together a video review of our product on his JRESHOW Youtube channel. He clearly explains what our patches can be used for and demonstrates just how easy they are to use.

In the video he states that the sofa is a very dark blue and unfortunately at that time we did not offer navy as a colour, so he used our black medium stitch patch. But for all you navy couch owners…. fear not!! as we have since launched navy into our collection.

Whilst the colour does not blend that well in this example, he is still very pleased with how the patch feels and adheres to his sofa.

As you can see towards to end where he folds and pushes the patch, it adjusts very well to the surface and remains tough to peel off due to the embossed edge and very strong adhesive backing.

We hope you find this useful.

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