Repair Your Sofa The Easy Way

Without a doubt, sofas are one of the greatest inventions in history. At MastaPlasta we all agree there’s no better piece of furniture, always there to welcome you after a long day at work…

Sofas were originally created and used as thrones by Arabs and Egyptians. It wasn’t until the 18th Century when the Industrial Revolution kicked in, that sofas became an affordable and common feature in most homes.  To this day, sofas are a key piece that keeps evolving with time and ever changing fashion trends. The offering is vast, from the more traditional sofa made of leather to all sorts of fancy shapes and materials such as synthetic leather, vinyl or fabric.  There’s a sofa for every space and pocket.

As a functional and decorative protagonist in the home, we all like our sofas to last and serve their purpose for many years. Therefore, whenever a whole, rip or stain occurs, it can be frustrating because, until now there was no easy and quick fix to repair or prevent the damage from getting worse. In order to save these big and expensive items, the founders of MastaPlasta came up with the idea of developing strong adhesive leather patches to repair your sofa the easy way, which have been successfully used by 1000’s of people all over the world.

With MastaPlasta you can repair any tear or hole in your sofa in three simple steps:

  1. Clean your sofa’s surface from any dirt or dust
  2. Remove the backing paper from the patch
  3. Apply the patch over the hole or rip and press firmly to make sure it’s well stuck on.

Thanks to the self-adhesive MastaPlasta patches, all these sofas have been fixed and will last the owners even longer:



If there’s a hole, tear or rip in your sofa, have a look on our online shop to discover all colours and sizes available and to find the one that best fits your sofa.


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