May Top 5 Handmade Products

This months search for awesome handmade products was loads of fun. There is so much out there it really is tough to pick a top 5.  Nonetheless it must be done, so here they are. We’ve tried to mix up the categories a bit to keep things nice and varied. You should find links to all the products too if you ever fancy buying them.


1. Leather Bow Ties

leather bow ties

It’s not hard to see that we are fans of leather stuff here at MastaPlasta, so when we saw these our jaws dropped. Some very cool leather bow ties handcut and hand stitched, suitable for any occasion. We just love these!! Follow the link here for a closer look.


2. Lignum Designs Phone and Watch Organiser

lingum mens organiser


The other day I was thinking about buying a storage unit for my watches. I think I may have found just the one ( as I only have 2 watches :) ) These great multi storage units are undoubtedly one of the best ways to organise the top of your bedside table. Made in the USA these beauties come in walnut, mahogany and pine. Great as a gift or a treat to yourself – You can purchase this product here.


3. Decorative Felt Pebbles

felt pebbles


A popular choice of home decor these days is to collect lots of stones and put them in a nice bowl somewhere. This is all well and good until you knock the bowl over and the stones cause havoc on your tables surface. These cute little felt pebbles look almost identical to the stones you’d typically find on a beach, and are as light as a feather. Breakages should be kept at bay should the kids decide to start throwing them across the room.  You can buy these here.


4. Northampton Sneakers NSC 1



Yes I know, aren’t these sneakers just incredible. Made from premium european cardovan leather in  Northampton (UK) these sneakers are expertly made by  skilled carftsman and women, who have been making shoes this way for over 100 years.  A quote from their own website – ‘Our aim was to create a sneaker that is like no other.’ …Well they’ve certainly done just that! You can purchase these here. (but they’re not cheap)


5. Driftwood ‘Little Blue Huts’ Scene

wooden beach huts


To finish off today’s blog is a lovely piece of home decor by a talented creator based in the wonderful town of Cornwall. A beach scene made from cornish driftwood and reclaimed materials, featuring 3 rustic beach huts with tiny flags and washing line. A clever little way to bring the essence of beach life into your own home. You can purchase this here.

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