You can save the environment too!

Let’s take you back to before MastaPlasta even existed. After years of experience in the furniture and design industry we sat down one afternoon over a coffee and scratched our heads at how we could solve a very common problem. The problem of course, was how to repair a rip or tear in a leather/faux leather sofa in the easiest possible way and without having to break the bank.

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May Top 5 Handmade Products

This months search for awesome handmade products was loads of fun. There is so much out there it really is tough to pick a top 5.  Nonetheless it must be done, so here they are. We’ve tried to mix up the categories a bit to keep things nice and varied. You should find links to all the products too if you ever fancy buying them.

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We’ve got the perfect fix

video of how to use mastaplasta

Video Review of MastaPlasta Leather Repair Kit

Last year we were very pleased to see that a chap from the USA kindly put together a video review of our product on his JRESHOW Youtube channel. He clearly explains what our patches can be used for and demonstrates just how easy they are to use.

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December Top 5 Handmade Products

As promised in last months blog, all of the items chosen today are based around Christmas, either as a gift or little decorations for the home. It’s never easy to choose 5 items to blog about given there are so many great ideas out there both big and small. We certainly enjoyed sifting through the web to discover such wonderful creations that people are willing to share with others.

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