DIY Adhesive Leather Repair Patches


Works on Furniture, Car Seats, Luggage, Clothing and much more...

Leather Repair Patches

No Heat, No Tools. No Mess, No Fuss.

Leather Repair Patches

For All Leather Types

Leather Repair Patches

Made From Deluxe Synthetic Leather

Leather Repair Patches

Lots of Colours, Sizes and Designs

Leather Repair Patches


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Join the 1000‘s of people who have given their leather items a new lease of life with MastaPlasta and saved £100’s in the process.

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A Short Introduction

It’s likely you’re here because you need to repair something made from leather, faux leather or even PVC. Whether it’s a torn sofa, armchair, car seat, motorbike seat, a handbag or even some luggage – MastaPlasta can help.

We realize other DIY leather repair kits can appear a little daunting to use and might not deliver the results you hope for, so we invented something much easier. With MastaPlasta, you know what you’re getting. If you can use a plaster, then you can use our product, it’s really that simple.

Don’t just take our word for it either – We’ve a tonne of comments and photos from happy customers who rave about how MastaPlasta has ‘helped repair their sofa so easily’ and ‘saved them a fortune’ compared to traditional repairs. We’re also doing the environment a big favour too by reducing the amount of furniture that gets chucked away because of a tear or hole.

Join our Repair Revolution!

*You can save your leather for as little as €12.45*


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We take pride in our customer service and respond quickly to any queries you might have.

“I had a tear in my tan leather chair. This product was very easy to use and is a perfect match. Highly recommend.”


“This product is truly incredible. I am so happy!. You can hardly tell it’s there. My cats scratch the sides of my sofa and I used the patches which fit just perfectly”


“I have a very old leather sofa which I’m very attached to and the leather was wearing away on one of the seats, but thanks to these leather patches, I have got a few more years out of my beloved sofa!”


“Fixed the hole I had on my motorbike seat. These stick really well.”


We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions on our FAQ PAGE HERE. If you still need help then you can email us on

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